An application to your Headmaster for permission to play friendly cricket match

Date : 13/4/2018

The Headmaster,

Radhakanai High School


Subject: Application for permission for a friendly cricket match.


We the students of class 10 of your school have the honour to draw your kind attention to the fact that we want to play a friendly cricket match with the students of class 10 of Purabari High School on our school playground.

We, therefore, pray and hope that you would kindly permit us to play the match and oblige thereby.

Sincerely yours

The students of class 10  of Radhakanai High School


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A Paragraph on ‘ Climate Change ‘

Climate change means the harmful state of the world’s climate. This change is caused  by environmental pollution. Carbondioxaide is the main cause of climate change . Methane and CFC’s are also responsible for the increase of climate change. Deforestation, vehicles, mills and  factories, burning wood and oil etc are also responsible for climate change. The ozone layer is getting decayed . The people are becoming the victims of disesses . Natural calamities are taking place . It has been predicted that mid way through the next century , temparatures may be raisen as much 40C . Global warming will reduce mankind’s ability to grow food. Seriously damage or destroy wild life and wilderness. The polar ice caps have started melting. The sea-level is rising. It is an alarming news that the lower parts of the worlds may go under water. It is high time to check the green house gasses . All possible measures should be taken to bring the sources of the greenhouse gasses under control. We should plant more and more trees . World wide tree plantation is essential. People should be made more aware in this regard.

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A paragraph on ‘ Terrorism’

Terrorism is an act of achieving something using force and terror. It is a curse of modern civilization. Now a days it become a global problem. The reason behind it are deprivation of rights, greed for money, greed for power, political unrest, unemployment, jealousy, religious and social superstition etc. Terrorism seriously affects the whole society. It disturbs social peace and happiness . The world is very much concerned about this great problem. Terrorism should be removed at any cost. Our morality should be developed. Exemplary punishment should be given to the terrorist . Awareness should be raised among the people. We all should take part in the campaign against it. Moreover, the laws should be enforced strictly . The international law enforcing agencies should be more active  and stern in checking the terrorist activities. Terrorism should be checked in order to restore global peace and stability. Mass media like radio, television, newspaper can play an important role in this regard . Social network services should be used properly in this regard.

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A paragraph on ‘ A Rainy Day ’

A rainy day is a day when it rains all day without any break. It generally occurs during the rainy season. It rains cats and dogs on a rainy day. A rainy day looks dull and gloomy. The sky is overcast with black clouds. The roads go under water the brim . People cannot move from one place to another easily . Birds keep sitting on the branches of trees. The cattle keep standing at their sheds. The poor people suffer a lot. They cannot go out for their work. They cannot earn their livelihood. Sometimes they have to suffer from starvation. On the other hand , the rich man can enjoy the rainy day . They eat special type of food such as hilsha with mustard. They enjoy movie and listen music. They also enjoy indoor game like caram, ludo, chease etc. A rainy day is also enjoyable for school going children .They need not go to school. In fact , a rainy day is both dull and enjoyable.

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A paragraph on ‘ Facebook’

A facebook is an internet based social network. It is the most popular social network service . It was launched on february 20, 2004. It was founded by Mark Zucker Berg with his college roommates and fellow students. The number of the facebook’s user increasing day by day . Most of them use facebook on a mobile service. Its userd must be registered before using the social networking site. After creating the personal profile , they can add other user as friends and exchange sms. Facebook has affected the social life and activity of people on various ways. It connects people worldwide . It contributes much to develop social and friendly relationships among people living far and near. It provides online chatting . It also provide video calling service for free . Facebook can be used to raise awareness and share news and views among the members. It has some demerits too .Evil-minded people may upload objectionable photos and comments. Inspite of these negative aspects , facebook is a blessing of modern science.

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Completing Story : A thirsty Crow

It was a hot summer day. There was scorching heat of the sun. On that day a crow became very thirsty. It wanted to drink but there was no water around it . So, it began to move here and there in search of drinking water but in vain. The crow didn’t lose hope . It , at last , noticed a jar at a little distance. It at once flew to it but it found that there was a little water at the bottom of the jar. The crow tried to drink the water but the water was out of its reach . Next it tried its best to overturn the jar but in vain. It looked around and found some stones lying near the jar. It thought for a while and hit upon a plan . It brought the stones one by one  and droped them into the jar. As the stone went down , the water began to rise up and up little by little. At one time the water came near the reach of the crow. The crow was able to drink it  and satisfy its thirst. Then it became happy and could realise that one can succeed in doing anything by trying again and again .The above story shows that where there is a will, there is a way.

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Completing Story : A Dove and an Ant

Once an ant was very thirsty . He went to a river to drink water. When he began to drink water, a wave swept the ant away. It was about to die. The dove saw it . Then it plucked a leaf and dropped it on the water of the river. The poor ant got on the leaf and came to the land. It thanked the dove and promised to help it.

One day the dove was sitting on a branch of the same tree. A hunter came there . He aimed at the dove . The ant saw it. When the hunter was about to shoot the dove, the ant bit him in the leg. The hunter missed his aim. The dove flew away. Thus the ant save the life of dove also. Since then they were became friend.